Formation of national teams

Formation of national teams for international competitions.


Rules for choosing of Ukrainian representatives international competitions in disciplines with flying disc organized by WFDF and EFDF.

  1. National team of Ukraine which includes the best players from all Ukrainian clubs takes part in world of European national competitions in ultimate.
  2. All the players of national team of Ukraine must have Ukrainian nationality.
  3. Best players are chosen by the captain of the national team of Ukraine.
  4. Captains for each national team are chosen by the Captains Council of Ukrainian clubs together with the UFDF Board. The choice is done by the simple majority* (UFDF Board has single vote equal to vote of any of the captains of the club teams).
  5. Elections of captain for each of six** national teams in ultimate are done separately but single captain can be elected for several national teams.
  6. Captain of national team has to be elected not later than 6 month before the competitions in which the national team is supposed to play.
  7. Anyone can apply for role of a captain of national team. For that, he has to send email to UFDF president with the following information:
  • Full name
  • Names of national teams applied
  • Short description of organization of trainings of Ukrainian national team
  • Preliminary list of  members of the national team
  1. Clubs and sportsmen which represent Ukraine on international club competitions must be winners of national championships:
  • Ukrainian Open Championship
  • Indoor Championship of Ukraine
  • Beach Championship of Ukraine
  • Dog frisbee Championship of Ukraine
  • DDC Championship of Ukraine
  • Freestyle Championship of Ukraine
  • GUTS Championship of Ukraine
  • Disc golf Championship of Ukraine
  1. If the case if a national championship can’t be carried out the representative is determined in another tournament in corresponding discipline at corresponding covering attended by the most of registered by UFDF Ukrainian teams and sportsmen.
  2. Female clubs representing Ukraine at international competitions are determined in the mentioned above championships in female division. If female division can’t be realized in national championship, female teams take part in open competition and one with the highest place becomes representative.
  3. If representative for an international competition for some reason can not represent, this role comes to the team which got worse result than the representative but better than the result of all other teams.

*Simple majority > 50%
**Six national teams of ultimate:

  1. Grass (male)
  2. Grass (female)
  3. Beach (male)
  4. Beach (female)
  5. Parquet (male)
  6. Parquet (female)