Play for Ukraine

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“Play for Ukraine” is our information campaign to raise awareness of the war in Ukraine and its impact on the Ukrainian people and the frisbee community.

Since the full-scale Russian invasion started, our reality has not been the same anymore. The scale and level of destruction and atrocities we’re experiencing are catastrophic. Not to mention sports—our lives and country are literally ruined.

Ukrainians pulled together: some have joined the armed forces, some volunteer, while others work and donate. Still it is not a big secret that Ukraine stands, in large part due to all the support the civilized world provides.

Over the past few months, we have heard so many expressions of solidarity, offers for help and just simple words to comfort and support us from frisbee people around the world. Thank you for that. We believe that now is the time to channel this and give everybody a chance to express solidarity: to spread the word and to get involved or donate to humanitarian causes that we as Ukrainians believe to be helpful and that we support, too.

This is why we started PLAY FOR UKRAINE. And you can help us—it is quite easy.

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