How can I help?

Play for Ukraine

We encourage you to express your support for Ukraine. The more people become aware, get involved, spread the word and donate, the faster we can get back to doing what we love: play flying disc sports.

The world is helping Ukraine a lot. And we, Ukrainians, appreciate the help very much! Thanks to this support, Ukraine has been able to withstand the aggression and many lives have been saved.

Still, the more awareness we raise and the more people follow your example, the faster we will get to victory and peace, and the faster we will rebuild our country.

Here are the things you can do to help us.

1. Share this site with your personal message about the campaign, the war, and Ukrainian needs.

2. Put on a bracelet with blue and yellow stripes. (Use your own, but we will propose ours soon.)

3. Buy and wear our national team t-shirt.

4. Place our logo and a link of this campaign on your website, social media profile, at your tournament or location.

5. Donate to the charitable foundations we trust and recommend.

We are looking for partners

Sports federations.
Help us speak to your members and spread the word by sharing the information. It can be a link, a banner, a post in social media. Or probably some other way of communication or support.

Event organizers.
An opportunity to be represented at sports events is very important for us. It can be our banner with logo on the field, a place for our merchandise, or a sticker in player pack.

We need partners to produce merchandise to help players express their support.

If you're ready to help — please contact us:

Play For Ukraine Friends