What Ukrainians do

Modern Ukrainian history is full of struggle. Perhaps you have heard of the Orange Revolution (2004) or the Revolution of Dignity (2013-2014). Both taught Ukrainians to unite and cooperate, to support each other, to take responsibility for our future.

Karina Ilnitskaya. Ukrainian ultimate player, volunteer
Karina Ilnitskaya. A Ukrainian ultimate player, who created a volunteer center helping to evacuate refugees and provide them with humanitarian aid.

It’s these harsh recent events that led to so much volunteering in Ukraine and so many initiatives, by the people of Ukraine. From small local help, all the way up to help for our government to aid in the defense of our country.

Along with the entire nation, every single Ukrainian athlete contributes to defending and supporting our country. Each in their own way.

Some have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Others established their own volunteer groups or joined existing ones.

Lynxes kids ultimate club training in Lviv
Lynxes kids ultimate club training in Lviv

All community members donate to the Armed Forces and support humanitarian needs. Despite all the efforts by the Ukrainian people, more is still needed as the brutal aggression by Russia continues.

We cannot give up.

Despite all these unsafe circumstances and difficulties, members of our community make incredible efforts to keep up flying disc sports in Ukraine. Our national disc-golf team has participated in WTDGC recently. And national ultimate teams are preparing to participate in EUIC this winter. Clubs’ training has resumed mainly in the western part of Ukraine. Some children’s sports sections still act, but considering bomb-shelters in case of air alert.

Ultimate players from a new ultimate club in Vinnytsya founded by players from Khrakiv. © Photo by Nikolay Abdurashydov
Ultimate players from a new ultimate team in Vinnytsya established by players from Khrakiv. © Photo by Nikolay Abdurashydov

An inspiring story is that of several players, who moved from shelled Kharkiv to the relatively safe city of Vinnytsya, and managed to establish a new team there.

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