YoYolka Ultimate Championship. Indoor, Ukraine
YoYolka 2020. © Photo by Illia Shypunov

New Year, Ultimate and Fun! That's the first things to associate with the annual indoor tournament held in Brovary city (Kyiv suburbs). Organizers put their effort and love to make fun challenges to win inspiring prizes along with games.

The tournament hosts more than 20 teams in 2 divisions not only from Ukraine, but from abroad as well. Germany, Turkey, Sweden, not saying about pick-up players.

YoYolka is about fun first of all. With nice party it is a good opportunity to celebrate New Year as it is normally hosted immediately after the holiday. Still it is very competitive and athletic.

The last tournament was held in 2020. It stopped in 2021 because of COVID. And did not recover in 2022 because of the full-scale invasion by Russia in Ukraine.

Dates: second weekend of January.

Divisions: Open, Women.